Asymmetrical linen suit
Asymmetrical linen suit
Asymmetrical linen suit

Architectural Linen Suit


My third love when I was in high school was architecture. My first love being horses and riding, the second one was art/fashion. I thought that I would become an architect since you can't make a living riding horses and an art practice could be tied to architecture. When I got to grade 12 I found that my math marks weren't high enough. Architecture can be seen as a strong influencer in many pieces of my work. This beautiful linen suit, worn with or without a little top underneath, will stay with you for years. The red flounce on the bottom of the vest adds personality to the outfit. The space between the buttons increases as you look closer to the floor. The pants are cut for good looks and comfort. There are two small sections of elastic put in the waistband so the pants feel great before and after lunch. Brooch not included.


                       Small              Med.             Large            X-Large   XXLarge

Bust               36/38            38/40             40/42            42/44           45/47

Waist              33/35            35/37            37/39            39/41            42/44

Hips               38/40            40/42             42/44            44/46           47/49