I am Tracey Anne Martin and I make clothes worth wearing. I help women develop their style while keeping their environmental concerns top of mind. My work is an artistic approach to classic designs. All of my fabrics are made of organic, natural fibres which after being worn and loved for years will go back to the earth and unlike polyester they will nourish the next growth of fibres.

My loving Grandmother, Daisy who always had some sort of knitting in her hands was the inspiration for my yarn company. Following her lead I use only natural fibres for my hand spun and hand dyed yarn. I also create the Knitter’s apron, the Gatherer’s vest and jackets all with big yarn ball holding pockets to accommodate knitters on the go. My project bags hold your yarn and needles and have several pockets to keep your small items organized.

My sterling silver jewellery is made with the individual in mind. I create pieces that reflect the organic landscape and the life within it.

Everything is made in my home studio/showroom in Barrie.

Tracey wearing the landscape dress

I make art because I love the process. I paint with fabric and display it on the body.

I use eco-fabrics because I want my grand babies to have clean water.

My style is organic by nature and of nature.