Tracey at the museum wearing the flower printed Betsy dress.

I make "Clothes Worth Wearing". Worth wearing because they are designed by an artist and one that has years of practice. My designs are often asymmetrical and made to fit a woman's body, always keeping in mind that we are not the same shape as we were as when we were 20. I often use a box pleat in the back of a shirt to give more room around the middle without making the shoulders too big. Clothing should be fun as well as giving you a way to express yourself. It's the first thing people see when you walk out into the world. 

The fabrics that I use to make my clothing are eco-friendly. Organic cotton, bamboo and linen. These fibres are grown without the use of pesticides, use less water and will decompose into the earth within months when you are finished with the garment. Polyester and other petroleum based fibres will be hanging around in landfills for hundreds of years.

My loving Grandmother Daisy always had some sort of knitting in her hands. She knit so many socks that I don't think even she knew how many. She also crocheted. I have a beautiful crocheted medallion tablecloth which was made decades ago that I treasure. It will be pasted on to her great-great-granddaughter one day.