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3 Amigos

3 Amigos

Today I am at Sunnydale park working as an assistant to Derek as he installs the   "3 Amigos". Being his assistant basically entails keeping track of the tools and reminding him to drink water. I smile at the people who wander by and answer any questions if there happens to be any. I take pictures through out the install and hold things when needed. 

 Ready to go.

foundation pad

Set up the mushrooms

Our helper

Drilling holes for the bolts

cement in the bolts

from afar

This commission came about when Mona, head of horticulture at the city of Barrie, showed Derek a picture of a couple of large mushrooms made of willow sticks and asked if he could make 3 similar out of metal. These mushrooms would reside in a naturalized area of the park. Derek's version of the mushrooms turned out quite different from the picture but have the same whimsical feeling. Derek also added a mouse to the grouping to make your smile a little bigger.