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In Full Bloom

In Full Bloom

We are having a Garden Tea Party and Open House on Saturday. We have been busy weeding the garden. To tell you the truth we have been weeding it since the snow melted. For the last couple of years I have been neglecting the garden. I found that I just didn't have time and wasn't about to make the time to get out there and garden. I have been creating and then tending gardens around our house for over 30 years. The first garden I put in was just at the back of the house and boy did it grow. I had flowers that were actually larger than the pictures on the seed packets. I thought this gardening thing was easy. Little did we know that we had planted this garden right over the spot where the crumbling clay septic pipes where. There was so much natural fertilizer in the soil any seed dropped on the ground would grow into a beauty. The second year I resurrected a 40foot x 60foot garden space which the previous owner had grown vegetables in at some time in the 20 years he lived here. I was disappointed with the outcome because I thought gardening was easy. Over the next few years we built raised beds, cold frames and I learned about fertilizer. Just when the garden was coming into it's own I was informed that our new septic bed had to go in the exact spot where my garden lay. So... I decided on a new spot, scraped away the sod, dug beds and moved my plants. Two years later it was decided that my garden area was the perfect spot for Derek's new studio. Again... I had to decide on a new spot, scrape away the sod, dig beds and move my plants. I know gardens are always a work in progress but after 30 years I am now tired. 

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One of my daughters moved home last year bringing her husband and baby. This year she has decided that she really likes the garden work and has taken over a lot of the weeding. I truly believe that when she lived here when she was young she didn't even know that we had a garden. If she hadn't taken on the gardening Derek was threatening to mow it all down and put in patio stones.

All this said about my gardening adventures just to say that we are having a garden tea party on Saturday were everyone is welcome and the tea will be made with herbs from our garden and an abundance of gardening joy.