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Two Peas

Two Peas

twin cactus

People have said that Derek and I are like two peas in a pod. That was never so evident than this spring when both of us had gall bladder attacks. Derek went first with an attack one evening but he thought that he had food poisoning. No, the doctor disagreed and sent him for an ultrasound. He had gall stones. A month later just after finishing dessert, which was a piece of carrot cake, I had a gall bladder attack. This time we knew what the pain and the throwing up was attributed to. I unlike Derek went to the hospital emergency department where they put me on a morphine drip. So, after my ultrasound we had a trip to the surgeon. The doctor told us that in all his 27 years of medical practice he has never treated a husband and wife for the same affliction. Our surgeries were scheduled for the same day, an hour apart. We arrived at the hospital on the prescribed date, presented our papers and had the first nurse we met laugh when she found out that we were both there for the operation. Every single nurse we talked to right up until I walked into the operating room laughed at the situation we were in. After the initial meds started to wear off Derek and I began to compare our pains. Sore shoulder, check. Sore abdomen, check. Pain for pain we're two peas in a pod.